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About Your 1st Visit to Rego Park Healthcare Alliance
Thank you for choosing RPHCA! We understand you might be apprehensive about your first appointment, but from the second you set foot in our clinic, you’ll feel like you belong at RPHCA.

Our welcoming front office staff members are happy to help you begin your path to recovery & answer any insurance, scheduling, or billing questions along the way.
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Do I need a script (prescription)?
New York is a Direct Access State which means a prescription from your doctor is not necessary for you to be seen by a Physical therapist. However, in cases where you must see a doctor first, we have physicians in house who would be happy to assist you on your first, or any subsequent visit who can assist in writing you a prescription, if deemed medically necessary or refer you out depending upon your medical condition. Walk-ins & same day appointments are usually never a problem at RPHCA.

Will my insurance pay for Initial Examination & treatments?
Every insurance plan varies in its coverage of Physical Therapy Services. We will be happy in assisting you with this or you can call your insurance carrier to check on your plan’s coverage. We currently provide services to many common insurance companies & our list of carriers continues to grow. If this is a work or auto related accident, please visit our "Had An Accident" page for further details. In most cases, we also invite you to simply come in so we can discuss your situation & let us show you how we can assist. 

What can I expect at my first visit?
Your PhysicianChiropractor , Acupuncturist and/or Physical therapist will perform a comprehensive evaluation based on your individual needs. This could include, but is not limited to the following: History of injury or illness, assessment of posture, gait, range of motion, strength, soft tissue changes, joint mobility, ….

Will you have a report from my MD on my condition?
Many times the only information physical therapists receive is the information on your prescription & that which you provide at the initial evaluation. Occasionally, a physician will fax diagnostic test reports or even call our office directly to report on a patient’s condition. If you have any reports the doctor has provided you with, you are strongly encouraged to bring them with you to your initial evaluation. This includes diagnostic studies as MRI, X Ray, CT scans, etc... If you do not have any of the above, no problem! Our courteous & helpful staff is here to assist you in every step of the way. Simply call 718 606 6000 & speak to us Today!

What should I wear?
You should wear comfortable clothes that are not restrictive to movement. We can provide you with a patient gown to expose appropriate body parts, however, you may want to wear something that allows us to view that part without having to change (eg. If you are coming in for a knee problem you may want to wear shorts or bring a pair with you to change into)

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Should I bring a list of my medications?
Yes, a complete list of medications you are taking is needed for your patient record. Medication name, dosage & reason you are taking it is helpful. It is important your healthcare providers here at RPHCA have this information in order to modify, defer &/or add appropriate treatment techniques that may be effected by certain medications.

How long will the visit take?
For the initial evaluation expect to be in our clinic for at least one hour. Although, evaluation times vary according to individual patient needs there will be paper work to be filled out which will take a little time.

How long will I need therapy & how often will I need to come for treatment?
That depends on many factors. Many times your doctor will prescribe how often &/or how long you should receive physical therapy. Occasionally, insurance companies dictate this. But mostly your therapist & chiropractor will predict how often & how long you may need treatment based on the findings at your initial evaluation.

How long will each session last?
Again, this varies on a case by case basis. We understand that your time is valuable to you. We will make every effort to maximize the use of your time while you are at physical therapy. On average, follow-up visits range from 30 – 45 minutes & are usually no greater than 1 hour.

Will my new healthcare providers communicate with my MD regarding my treatment/progress?
Definitely. Your physician will receive a copy of your initial evaluation & plan of care within 24 hours of your 1st visit. As indicated, weekly, bi-weekly &/or monthly reports will also be sent to your doctor. Occasionally, phone calls are also utilized to communicate any changes, problems &/or questions that may arise.

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Should I take my pain pills before coming to P.T.?
Everyone deals with pain differently. Unfortunately, the different methods of care you may receive at RPHCA may temporarily& mildly increase the intensity of your pain initially. Taking pain medication before treatments  may make your treatment more tolerable. However, you should only take your medications as prescribed & follow all directions/precautions as indicated. You will also want to discuss the need for pain medication with your treatment providers as pain is very individual.

What education requirements/standards do your therapists have/need/possess?
All of the RPHCA healthcare providers must graduate from an Accredited Program at the University level. As a graduate, all of our healthcare providers  possess an active state license for the state which they will practice in. All of our healthcare providers are required by the State Board of Professional Regulation to maintain & increase their level of education through continuing education courses each year. At RPHCA,  we encourage all of our professional staff to be active members in their affiliated professional organization. 

Can my spouse/significant other/caregiver come with me to Treatments & my Initial Evaluation?
It would be very appropriate for you to bring with you who ever will be assisting you at home in any way. With a family member, significant other &/or caregiver, your healthcare provider will be better able to assist you with a comprehensive home program &/or teach someone else how to better help you at home in your own environment.

What are your hours? 
Our hours of operation are Monday & Wednesday  9AM-7PM, & Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 9AM until 5PM.  However, RPHCA will always make ourselves available to you, if you require a time that falls outside those above, simply call us & we will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule. The healthcare providers at RPHCA will also give you our personal cellular numbers in case of an emergency--how many other offices would do that for you? 
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